Adhesive Bonding Technology is experiencing a growing development during the last decades due to the masive employment of composite materials in complex parts manufacturing. One of the aspects that plays key role in the formation of an adhesive joint is the design for safety and reliability and also for efficiency. Design involves the selection of the adhesive system (substrate materials, surface preparation and adhesive) and determination of the most efficient joint geometry that will meet the loading and environmental conditions experienced in service

The Spanish Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives was born more than more than fifteen years ago when the University Carlos III of Madrid organised its first edition. The spirit and need to collaborate in this Science and Technology Field has been the engine of the successive editions for the annual Congresses being celebrated in several Spanish relevant cities.

The XVII International Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives will be organised by School of Industrial Design and Engineering (ETSIDI) - Technical University of Madrid (UPM) entrusted by el Spanish Group of Adhesion and Adhesives, next September  15 and 16, 2016. The Congress aims to bring together researchers, Scientifics and engineers with a common interest in Adhesion and Adhesives, related phenomena and applications.

The Congress is complemented by a Workshop “Adhesives application in design” organised by GEAA on September 14, 2016. The workshop will offer the opportunity to exchange experiences and gain knowledge from relevant researchers and companies around the influence adhesives application has in Industrial Design.